Too early for Christmas but not kindness

I am mindful that today is world kindness day, and as I discussed with a minister friend that for many of us that will mean business as usual…and for others they may have to try a bit harder. Seriously, kindness should be an everyday act and costs nothing.

As it would appear all the big stores and supermarkets have already started to advertise their brands and goods for Christmas I thought I would start to promote the St Saviours Tree Festival in St Albans.

This year my tree  is in the theme of ‘love, kindness and understanding’ and is to help with awareness of Dementia in support of The Alzhiemer’s Society. My tree will be situated in the lovely lady chapel.

It starts on Saturday 16th December at 12.00 noon -6.00pm through to Saturday 23rd. The programme is varied with something for everyone and the entry is free but donations are welcome. Please visist for full details of services.