I had an amazing day Friday watching my daughter Graduate at Gloucester Cathedral. Obviously I am a very proud parent of all that my own child has achieved but it is great to be part of the educational ceremony and experience all the young minds being congratulated in the presence of their loved ones and of course their lecturers and fellow students.

Watching their excited, and for many, nervous faces as they take part in the procession was magical. It was good to finally meet my own daughter’s lecturers who put so much effort and focus into their respective areas of expertise and genuinely want their students to succeed not only in their degree but in their future careers.

For any students just starting their first year of their chosen degree, my message would be, enjoy the journey, focus but have fun the time will fly past and before you know it…it will be your graduation day too.


Remaining calm and a Mother’s Love

I often write about remaining calm and using one’s intellect rather reacting with our emotions and yesterday I applied this mantra to myself.  Anybody who has attended a First Aid Course will know that if we do not panic but have a course of action we will be able to be of far more use and apply successful first aid treatment.

Somehow I managed to shut my thumb in the car door…the pain was unbelievable and I experienced what we mean when we say ‘my legs just buckled‘. Thankfully, I could hear my Mother’s voice saying, no shouting, ‘concentrate open the car door’ which I did and regained my composure and prevented a more serious injury. I had to drive to pick up my daughter from the station with a throbbing thumb and once home wrapped it in ice. It throbbed for the remainder of the day and I was thankful for the reminder not to panic from my guarding angel.

This is not the first time my amazing mother and mentor has come to my rescue and as we approach her anniversary and the prospect of celebrating a milestone birthday I continue to realise she hasn’t left me completely and she never will.

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Sunday roast at the Holly Bush

I am an old fashioned girlie and love a good Sunday roast. Last weekend my daughter and I decided to give one of our local venues a try. We both enjoyed a fabulous roast dinner and were impressed by the quality and the price. Tender meat,  vegetables which were not over-cooked, smashing roast spuds and gravy like mum used to make.

So well done to the Chef at the Holly Bush for raising the level of pub grub. Did I mention their puddings are fab too..I am known to indulge in these on a Friday evening…no hope!





World Alzheimer’s Day

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day and it is a positive step to have such wide focus on increasing awareness of  dementia. Having worked with and supported families with loved ones facing the daily challenge of living with dementia I know first-hand how vital it is that we support the charities that support both research and provide practical advice to those living with dementia today.

There is so much more that needs to be done in terms of both research and support both leading up to diagnosis and after…when often fmailies are left with little or no constructive help. Generally I believe that GP’s need to have more access to facilities and information to pass onto their patients. Whilst some day centres may be the answer for certain dementia patients its not a one size fits all situation. Both dementia patients and their main carers may be very private people and need, no make that deserve, more one-to-one treatment and care.

For all those connected in some way to dementia I send my respect and the request to make sure that you contact the support charities.


Sepsis Awareness

I am pleased to see that the awareness of Sepsis is certainly stepping up. We all know information is power. This is a very sad, disabilitating and life changing illness and so often undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed.

This week was Sepsis awareness day and the support of such days inspiringly so is often promoted by those amazing people who have fallen victim to this personally. We need more training and awareness in hospitals where knowing the signs and working quickly can be the difference between not only saving somebody’s life but maybe the quality of somebody’s life in saving limbs.

To all those courageous people who defy all odds and who not only make their life count inspite of their own sufferings but help so many in the campaign to increase awareness.

This blog goes out with love and huge respect to Kim.


Einstein famously said there are two ways to live your lives;

We can live it as if nothing is a miracle or…

We can live it as if everything is a miracle.

I think the latter is a good way to start the week…don’t you?

Being grateful makes for a much happier life and wellbeing.


Feeling proud

Nothing beats the feeling of achieving a personal challenge and even more so when we are being sponsored in support of a good cause.

This weekend I am a very proud Aunt as my fabulous nephew and his team known as ‘Mary’s boys’ set themselves an incredible challenge climbing ‘Three peak’s Challenge’ tallest mountains in Scotland, England & Wales in under 24 hours followed by 408km 2 day cycle ride home from Wales to London. Not only did they complete the challenge they also reached their target of raising £20K in aid of the special care baby unit at Watford hospital.

Well done to all the great young men that took part you are amazing.

If you feel like donating the link follows:-