Sepsis Awareness

I am pleased to see that the awareness of Sepsis is certainly stepping up. We all know information is power. This is a very sad, disabilitating and life changing illness and so often undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed.

This week was Sepsis awareness day and the support of such days inspiringly so is often promoted by those amazing people who have fallen victim to this personally. We need more training and awareness in hospitals where knowing the signs and working quickly can be the difference between not only saving somebody’s life but maybe the quality of somebody’s life in saving limbs.

To all those courageous people who defy all odds and who not only make their life count inspite of their own sufferings but help so many in the campaign to increase awareness.

This blog goes out with love and huge respect to Kim.



Einstein famously said there are two ways to live your lives;

We can live it as if nothing is a miracle or…

We can live it as if everything is a miracle.

I think the latter is a good way to start the week…don’t you?

Being grateful makes for a much happier life and wellbeing.


Feeling proud

Nothing beats the feeling of achieving a personal challenge and even more so when we are being sponsored in support of a good cause.

This weekend I am a very proud Aunt as my fabulous nephew and his team known as ‘Mary’s boys’ set themselves an incredible challenge climbing ‘Three peak’s Challenge’ tallest mountains in Scotland, England & Wales in under 24 hours followed by 408km 2 day cycle ride home from Wales to London. Not only did they complete the challenge they also reached their target of raising £20K in aid of the special care baby unit at Watford hospital.

Well done to all the great young men that took part you are amazing.

If you feel like donating the link follows:-

Animal Therapy

On a visit to my London Hospital (UCLH) this week I met an amazing therapy dog called Nelson who spends his days at London hospitals making a real difference to patients.

There are a whole team of volunteer dogs who work at my hospital visiting young outpatients and those awaiting radiotherapy many of whom are rescue dogs from Battersea Dogs home.

Nelson was a beautiful dog with great karma accompanied by a really lovely owner kindly donating his time with his much loved pet helping brightening a day’s visit to the hospital.

Animals can really help with recovery and general wellbeing and can lower one’s blood pressure levels for certain. Cannot beat the unconditional love one can receive from a pet.

Queen of Soul

We have sadly lost another great voice who gave so many of us the soundtrack to our lives. Aretha Franklin one of my favourite singers has left behind a great legacy and as with many great artists her music will go on for generations to come.

Too many great tracks to name but personal favourite of mine of course is ‘Natural born Woman’ her words resonated with me at a very difficult time in my life. Having lost my mother, and, for a while my sense of purpose, I fell hopelessly in love and the man (love of my life) in questioned made me feel exactly like the lyrics.

Music can of course be therapeutic and can transport us back in time to a place or a special person and unlock precious memories. Hearing this song on various media tributes I am remembering this past love today…oh lordy where are the chocolate biscuits..the healthier option.


Remembering William

Yesterday was the anniversary of my amazing stepfather William finally losing his battle with Cancer. I know how too often Step parents get a bad press and, obviously some may be deservedly so.

However, I was one of the really lucky ones and had the love of a great man for some fifteen years and he couldn’t have been kinder or more supportive of myself and my siblings had he been our ‘real’ dad. When he died my mother bought me a garden bench and, some thirty years on, this weekend it is boasting a few coats of cream paint having changed colour many times. It is not a valauble bench but it is more a case of what it represents.

Whilst painting it I remembered a fun painting session I had with him in my mid twenties when he was helping me paint my kitchen in my flat. I stuck my foot in the paint tin and after a few hours of him experiencing my inadequate decorating skills he suggested mum and I left him to it and went shopping!

As I say and write often;the bereavement journey is a long one and it does get easier, his struggle with cancer and his eventual death I found extremely tough at the time…but now I can just remember his love and his great s.o.h.

We keep our loved ones alive in our hearts for certain.

Self harming and bullying

There’s rarely a week when somebody doesn’t talk to me about school bullying and teenage angst. Parents are either being accused of lazy parenting or being a helicopter mum!

Recently I spoke with a parent who openly admitted that the types of issues based around bullying on media she is facing with her young daughter her parents never experienced..and that’s a fact.

Apportioning blame or arguing over responsibilty helps nobody but I must confess that the majority of monitoring, educating and supporting our children through the minefield of stress related illnesses and anxiety has to be dealt with at home.

Yes, it would be useful for schools to help with extra advice and support, though I am reliably informed by contacts within the education sector that parents attendance to such events are poorly supported.

The relationship the younger generations have with their phone is proven damaging in so many ways and how we tackle such sad issues as self-harming through media bullying is not an easy one. Limiting phone use whilst frowned upon can reduce the access bullies have and hamper their control.

To anyone facing the challenge of comforting a child who self-harms please seek professional help and sooner rather than later. Keep the school informed as they are supposed to apply and enforce the anti-bullying procedures in place.