St Saviours Xmas Tree Festival

The tree festival at St Saviours St Albans opens today at 12 noon. With great thanks to Sarah from Visual Merchandising our tree for Alzheimer’s Society is dressed looking fab and situated in the Lady (healing) Chapel.

Sneak preview for my followers:-


xmas tree 2


Christmas kindness

Christmas can put an awful lot of pressure on people when they may be feeling ill, bereaved, depressed or lonely to name a few challenges many face.

This week’s weather will have affected many who may have had to cancel plans or stuck inside unable to get out and about. If there is anyone you feel may appreciate a visit or even a telephone call then make an effort – we are all busy but little acts of kindness mean a lot.

I know a lot of my colleagues agree that Christmas can be a sales and marketing activity and the spirit may be lost amongst the tinsel and gifts.

As my mentor regular said: ‘The best gift we can ever give is our time and kindness doesn’t cost a penny.’ 

Stroke Association

For any of my followers who may be recovering from a stroke or caring and supporting a family member of friend who has then please visit The Stroke Association’s website.

Having a stroke is extremely difficult emotionally as well as physically and this amazing charity has great support and information available.

Recovery really can be a step at a time, a day at a time, and, survivors need patience, positivity, love and understanding.

St Saviours Xmas Tree Festival

We are on the count down now to the opening of St Saviours Church Christmas Tree Festival, St Albans. The event is free but donations are welcome.

Event opens at 12.00 noon on Saturday 16th running for a week with entertainment and services throughout the week.

Please visit their website for full details

Christmas Tree Festival

For my local followers just reminding you all to find time to visit St Saviour’s St Albans Xmas Tree Festival which starts Saturday 16th opening at 12.00.

This is a beautiful event held at one of my favourite local churches entrance is free but donations are welcome. From the 16th -23rd there will be a number of events held with something for everyone and all ages. The Cafe is open all week until 4.30 daily. Aside of the various day time activities and craft fair please check for services on their website

The wonderful display of trees is all sponsored and decorated by local charities and organisations. This year my own tree (jointly sponsored with Visual Merchandising) is to help raise awareness for Dementia and the Alzheimer’s Society, so if you manage to get along you will find our tree in the Lady chapel.


St Saviours Christmas Tree Festival

St Saviours Church in St Albans are once again holding their Christmas Tree Festival starting 16th of December and running until 23rd.  Entry is free but donations are of course welcome.

Every day there are attractions for all ages including film shows and musical events with a craft fair and cafe open until 4.30 throughout the week. Full details of services are on their website:

This year my own tree is to help with awareness for Dementia and the Alzheimer’s Society. If you visit please come and see my tree in the Lady Chapel promoting;-

love kindness and understanding.

Kindness and time

My own mentor and amazing mother always used to say the best gift we can give is our time. As we approach the Christmas period we should be mindful of those that live alone or maybe have lost a loved one with year. The first Christmas may be the hardest the family will have to face.  I have always maintained that Christmas time can place huge pressures on people to be happy when actually they may be feeling sad for many reasons.

What we can all do is to make an effort to give our time when we can spare it and of course show a bit of kindness to those that would really appreciate the sentiment perhaps more so this year.

Speaking this week with a close friend we were both in agreement that those who are bereft need our consideration long after the funeral week…but perhaps we are all guilty of forgetting that at times.

Remember life goes by quickly but kindness on the other hand lasts for ever.

If you are feeling the pain of those who are missing try and remember the happy times you shared or a funny experience and keep their memory alive in a positive way as best you can.