Change is good

We all struggle at times with change but change is not all bad or is it? Yesterday I was tempted, like many little girls…at the checkout to buy a toffee apple. But…toffee apples are a different colour than from my day when the toffee was brown and made by the local green grocer -now it is a hysterical red colour??? Too many additives me thinks and, so did the lady similar age to me at said checkout.

OK what do we do in these circumstances when we want to be healthy? I went for the chocolate covered apple instead…of course. I really enjoyed this after an afternoon of bereavement befriending. The apple in side was pretty darn good too.

We have to live and we have to embrace change though sadly in life the decisions are more difficult than deciding on what naughty treat to eat.

Have a good day fellow bloggers, followers and toffee apple eaters!


Breast Cancer Awareness

My regular and lovely followers know that I like to help charities and causes with awareness and October as we know is breast awareness month. Today is, I am told,  ‘wear it pink‘ day for the Breast Cancer Now charity. I hear and I obey and I am suitably attired in pink.

For my own family we are very ‘aware’ of breast cancer having lost my maternal Nan and Aunt to this particular cancer and had my own scares. I will say however, that for all of us, every week, month should and must be breast cancer aware and regular examination is crucial – as with many types of cancer the earlier we discover anything untoward the better chance we have of maybe beating the odds.

For anyone caring for a loved one with any type of cancer ensure you get any support that is available for both your loved one and yourself.

Make the most of everyday and make it count.

Purrfect night sleep

Those of us who are animal lovers all know that our pets are upset by severe weathers or stressful situations. My she cat Maisy is fretting after my daughter’s return to university so along with plenty of attention I use a plug in calmer.

This week of course the strange weather has unsettled my furry family and a little bit of wind picking up outside last night set Maisy off as I was getting in to bed. After ten or fifteen minutes of trying to settle her I decided to put the plug in calmer on using the landing socket.

Well last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, my daughter informed me that I am high on cat nip! Close friends have re-confirmed their long term suspicions I am indeed ‘the crazy cat lady’ Come to think of it maybe that’s why I’m growing whiskers…and I never have liked the hoover!

For my male and science guru followers: Why is it that Scientists can perfect space travel but still we await a silent hoover…funny that eh?

P.S. Today’s disclaimer: I am not personally recommending that any humans use products meant for animals…or vice a versa!


Distraction techniques

Throughout life most of us at one time or another will be in a position with either those we love and/or those we work with are in need of a positive distraction.

Even the most positive of souls can feel flat and I count myself in that category. At times we may be missing people, those who are no longer with us and even those who may have just moved away perhaps to university, or because of a job or home relocation.

Today would have been my own mentor’s birthday so I send out a happy birthday wish mum out into the universe. I will distract myself with work and meeting up with positive colleagues.

Working with dementia clients they too have their days when they feel ‘out of sorts’ and there are many ways in which we  can help either as counsellors or family members to help focus them on something they either enjoy or at least can be a positive interaction activity.

Similarly, distraction techniques work well with children, I know my mother practised this parenting skill with us as children. I utilised this myself recently when helping a family with small children –one is always mindful that when parents leave the house the children need to feel, happy safe and of course engaged.  A simple game of cards including all children soon brought an opportunity to engage, have fun and for me to get to know the children’s individual characters. (If I am honest working with younger children this week helped me with my own feelings relating to empty nest!)

As with adults, children will become sad at times…using being bored as an excuse when really what they crave it not just your loving attention but engagement.

Keeping occupied helps prevents those flat moments from taking over…and finally of course, laughter the best therapy of all.

Keep smiling fellow bloggers and followers.

Feeling older…not uplifted!

As a regular blogger somehow this week I have been off air, with a collection of various articles in mind which would normally spur me on to write about my usual pet subjects…I was distracted by a Sunday supplement.

Lordy how I wish I had controlled my urge and left said mag closed. Inside were I am certain a collection of items of interest to those over 55! However, I found myself consumed by three: a stair lift, a face lift…and could I give my heart to a greyhound?

Feeling much older that when I started…soh barely in tact I will be honest much much older friends have said ‘the stairlift was a life saver’, I don’t know anybody close to me that has had/or maybe confessed to ever having a face lift…. Being single at this precise moment (chatting ysterday to a fellow single female friend) we both agreed maybe we should dip our toe back in the dating pool! Daunting as the dating arena may seem I really thought I would probably end up with some ‘old goat’ not a retired greyhound!

Seriously, I can strongly recommend adopting a retired greyhound as they make excellent pets…I cannot, however, say the same for ‘old goats’ (I mean grumpy gentlemen of a certain age) not the cute animals we see and love in petting zoos!

Think next Sunday I will stick to doing the crossword! Reverting back to the mag there was a useful shoe rack…. obviously for men and not girlies with 40 odd pairs!

Personal statements

For many students this will be the time of year where they are considering their options and university choices. They will be required to write one of the most difficult documents they have probably encountered so far. I am mindful that this is created within 6th form/school and those within the education sector may enjoy and share my thoughts.

Please view my article on Innovate My School’s website which also includes some useful tips-



Bereavement support in schools

Whatever the bereavement situation our children may find themselves in there will always be a ripple effect on their behaviour and relationships. It may be that they have lost somebody close within the family unit and/or been touched perhaps by the loss of a friend or neighbour. These feelings may levae them feeling isolated and fearful.

Children often find it difficult to vocabularise their emotions and therefore it is vital that they are given the opportunity to discuss how they are feeling. As ever I always recommend that their school are kept in the loop about anything which may affect their wellbeing and possibly their school work.

Please read my piece on Innovate My School’s website:-