Head full of Honey -Alzheimer’s film

I have just watched the brilliant film ‘Head full of Honey’ recently loaded on Netflix. I can thoroughly recommend this a must see film for anyone who has a family member meeting the daily challenge of Dementia. It is a beautiful film which touches the heart but also gives good advice all the way through. It focuses on bringing joy to the person with Dementia and the importance of them feeling loved and needed.

The story is told through the eyes of a very young granddaughter who joins in the world her Grandfather now lives in but more importantly she creates adventures for him and makes his final months happy. It shows how others interact perhaps not in the best way initially then they see the error of their ways. There is a great scene when he goes to see a doctor and depicts how despite of his own challenges can still make people laugh. I see this a lot with my own work with those with Dementia and it is indeed true bring them joy and you will find that person is still there.

It is a very positive film and perhaps not as sad as others seem to portray the journey of deterioration associated with Dementia but nonetheless it is emotive.


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