Dementia and us

I have finally got around to watching the first of the BBC2 two part programme ‘Dementia and us’. I would recommend this emotive but informative viewing to anyone supporting those with Dementia. Part II is on this evening and includes how people with Dementia and their carers were affected by the Pandemic. I know from the voluntary support work I provided during this time it was especially hard for all those concerned. Regular visitors to my blog (albeit neglected for a few months) would know that over the past six years I have worked in this demanding but rewarding sector and where possible help with awareness.

Living with Dementia is a challenge and like any serious illness it has the ripple affect which touches everyone connected to their loved one. One thing I always ask politely is please do not abandon somebody you know once they are diagnosed, they are still in there, and would appreciate your time and kindness. So ,continue to visit them and include them as much as possible in suitable activities and celebrations.

I see my time spent supporting families, carers and those with Dementia as a real privilege and have enjoyed furthering my knowledge and understanding gaining further qualifications in this area. However, you don’t have to become an expert but you can obtain excellent information which will help you in your own approach from or telephone 020 7423 3500. They have a brilliant selection of literature which will make life easier for carers and family members.


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