Learning to live with the challenge of Dementia

I have been neglectful in not writing my blog but busy working with clients and their families facing the daily challenge of living with Dementia. Most people have no comprehension of the struggle carers (often wives or husbands) have to deal with in trying to get their loved one to complete the most simplest of tasks – which we all take for granted.

For many families just getting their partner washed and dressed every morning can be overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. What works successfully for weeks in terms of routine and negotiating can suddenly become impossible to achieve.

Carers, for far too long, are the unsung heroes in coping with this devastating illness. More often than not feel they have failed in their duty on the difficult days they feel they have reached the end of their tether. As I remind my clients; they are amazing and must never feel guilty when they feel this way but be proud of what their love and devotion does day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

However, one of my main disappointments is how friends and even relatives so often stay away, mainly by their lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown, when they could just pop in an ease the strain. Both carers and those with Dementia too often spend hours alone when a short visit from a friendly face would make such a difference to their day. The person you knew and loved is still in there you just have to look and their carer is often desperate to talk to somebody.

I love my work and my lovely clients and enjoy such wonderful experiences and know how just a little engagement can make somebody’s day. If my post today prompts just one person in making the effort to find time to visit somebody they know in this situation…then my work here is done.


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