Dementia -kindness and understanding

I have neglected my blog for many months but this has been down to many reasons. Heavy client commitments as I have continued my journey working with wonderful clients with Dementia and their amazing families as they all learn to live with the challenge of living with Dementia and last few months with own health issues. I confess to perhaps suffering compassion fatigue which I know my carers feel only too often but continue on daily – down to their love for their partner/family member and a tremendous sense of duty.

I always say I feel so privileged and somewhat humbled by the career path I chose these past seven years and so blessed to become part of such lovely families. My work is so rewarding and brings me great joy though there are many days and times where I too am left emotionally drained but still feel so lucky to be supporting families and getting to know my special clients.

Rightly or wrongly I become so very close to my clients and grow to love them and extremely grateful for their families making me feel so welcome in their homes and really making me feel part of their family. Whilst I am pleased when families give me great compliments, personal recommendations and testimonials for my website the key for being successful in my person centred cognitive work relies heavily on kindness and understanding -the professional qualifications are a bonus.

I recently lost one of the kindest most wonderful men I have had the privilege to work with for over four years, and, whilst his dementia sadly progressed he never ever lost his good manners, sense of humour or being grateful – a lesson many could learn. My time spent with him I will treasure. Such magical times with days of fun and even the days we cried (moved by our joint love of classical music) were worth their weight in gold. He has left a great hole in my heart but he has also inspired me to do more in my quest to understand this cruel disease and hopefully make a difference where I can.


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