Hard work and dedication

Following one’s dreams is never an easy journey. However, with hard work and dedication and focusing one’s passion the dream will eventually become a reality. To all those students studying hard and making sacrifices it will all be worthwhile in the end.

The past year has been particularly tough for students of all ages with many not having the university experience they had hoped and envisaged. I must confess to feeling concerned for all those young people who have been cooped up in their bedrooms watching lectures online and sitting exams under some very different and challenging circumstances.

So to all those that have managed to pass and exceed their own expectations I salute you for your strength of character… that perhaps even your own parents have been surprised you possess You have all had to dig deep and work hard -but as one card to my own daughter’s success said ‘You’ve smashed this’. Our younger generation will certainly look back on this time in the future and wonder ‘how the hell did I do that?’

For those students who have chosen long and serious courses having a break and having a bit of ‘young life and fun‘ is vital -again this passed year has made that near on impossible. But as we ease away gradually from all the restrictions my advice is to please take time out and reconnect face to face with friends…safely.

I know my own choice to continue my own CPD during lockdown gave me focus, kept me occupied and some resemblance of normality and sense of purpose.

Good luck to all who are continuing to follow that dream…keep at it.


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