Dementia week

I always like to help promote specific awareness week for charities and illnesses as unless your own family has been personally touched then a little awareness of what other people’s challenges may be does us no harm. So the past week has been Dementia awareness week. Fortunately, I have the great privilege of working with families with loved ones who are meeting the challenge daily.

So my awareness week, in some ways, is as every week….though every day and every session I spend with carers and dementia clients is in itself magical and my knowledge of Dementia grows. This week I have enjoyed all forms of cognitive work with my regular clients and have included both musical and laughter therapy. Lifting spirits with music and laughter makes such a difference. We all have our own personal song book and sense of humour.

There are one or two songs that are extremely special to my clients and recently ‘Getting to know you’ from ‘The King and I’ film seemed so appropriate as my regular visits give me the great opportunity to really get to know the people that need and appreciate the time and support I provide.

This week one of my lovely clients, a female carer, gave me such a lovely heartfelt testimonial for me website. Saying I had ‘been a Godsend’ and ‘always welcome in her home…and thanking me for all the laughs we have.’

My work is demanding but is so very rewarding and I am so thankful I have left my old corporate life for something so worthwhile.


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