Working for experience

Over the past few weeks I have had several chats with fellow professionals about the value of experience and what to encourage our children to get on their CV.

I am still working on projects for experience for my own newly acquired skills and this never ends if you have a hunger for learning. Whilst we don’t want our children to be exploited there is no getting away from the fact that they do need to do voluntary/community work and preferable within the chosen field of their proposed career.

Recently I met and chatted to somebody from a national charity who agreed volunteers often go on to be offered permanent position. Reverting to the subject of students; they of course need to be able to impress their selected universities that they are right for their course and an excellent candidate for their university.. So that personal statement needs to demonstrate good social skills -remember it’s not just about the exam results.

Please visit Innovate My School’s website and view my articles on tips for writing personal statements and developing social skills:-


Women moving forward

Last week at the Global Woman’s Summit the delegates were privileged to hear many inspirational women give their stories.

During the event we had a live link to Barbara Marx Hubbard in the USA. Barbara spoke about  a  new family on earth and the evolution of women:

‘ Impulse of creativity and love. Each full of potential – a new family of humanity.’

Her tips for the audience included how we should –

‘Catch a vision of a world equal to our potential’.

and…how in life we should all: –

‘Ignore the breaking down but look at what is breaking through.’

Closing with a brilliantly positive statement:-

‘Life’s purpose each of us is more.’

Sharing knowledge

At the weekend’s Global Woman Summit  the lovely and approachable Caroline Spires from Big Business Events was sitting on our press table. As all good women in business should do we swapped business cards.

I have just had my break off the screen today chatting with Caroline who is the Events Manager for their events. It is always good after attending an event to share personal opinions on how we viewed; the venue, speakers but more importantly the value of the content of the presentations attended and real value to our own business.

As Caroline agreed it is always good if we come away feeling we have learned something new. Speaking as a Quality Consultant we are all continually learning what works and what doesn’t and what is really worth our personal time and financial investment as a large business or as a sole trader.

I will be attending ‘How to make it big in business’  on the 29th September at the Hotel Novotel, London and look forward to hearing what her speakers have to offer.This event is free to delegates courtesy of Big Cars Ltd and Raw Talent Academy. Always good to see those that have made it putting something back into the business arena.