Personal statements

I know many students depending on their chosen career may have already submitted their personal statements. However I know there are many of you out there planning and even struggling to work on yours now.

My following articles on Innovate My School’s website hopefully offer some useful advice to students and teachers alike.

Good luck with the process and future studying towards those exams.


Finding time

I am surrounded by dynamic friends who squeeze so much into their lives and still find time to help their community,be supportive of their own inner circle of friends and family. Maybe mostly as I choose to play with positive people.

Seriously though, as my own mentor and life coach (Mother) always used to say; one always finds time to do the things one wants to and what really matters.

However, I also know many people who are not happy with their life and the lack of challenges or opportunities that come their way…but are for whatever reason unable to make the effort to do something about it.

To make changes in our life we have to do just that – maybe a small step at a time. I find taking up a new hobby or studying/adding to the CV helps tremendously with the latter opening up personal and job opportunities and increasing self-worth.

There are many great organisations that offer distance learning and online courses which can fit around your work and family commitments. i.e. BSY Group and Oplex Careers.

Remember we are never too old to learn new skills.

Developing social skills

School holidays are here and there is no better time for students to add things to their CV.

Please see my latest piece on Innovate My School’s website on developing social skills and being community spirited. Link follows:-

Once again thanks to the editor for supporting my views on encouraging today’s youth to gain experience and improve their confidence.

Remember volunteering may well help you secure a paid role in the future.