Bhaktivedanta Manor -Open Day

I am almost ashamed to admit I had never visited this beautiful manor and grounds until today. My guests and I were made very welcome by the staff and monks and had an interesting time.

The open day had something for everyone, plenty for the children too. I joined my great nephew in having my hand painted and enjoyed a veggie lunch on the lawns listening to the musicians in the sunshine.

The grounds were lovely and the weather made it possible to explore the various gardens and even take in a ride with the working Oxon.

We plan to return on one of the Saturday meditation days and would encourage others to look at their website to see forthcoming events.


Reason without emotion is nothing…

Watching ‘The Brain A Secret History’ recently I felt the programme makers certainly made the audience think. From my NLP notes from the episode;

Various case studies were included; results proved what the impact of our emotions have on our capacity to reason and often decisions are based on cognitive reaction than feelings, Nevertheless;

‘Reason without emotion is nothing, How crucial empathy is to knowing who you are!’

It’s all a case of understanding why we do something and whether that something is useful or detrimental to us in our lives.

Embracing changes that will improve our well-being and being hopeful rather than fearful and more in control of our emotions, relationships with others and our future’s progress.