Surviving bereavement and keeping loved ones alive

Hello fellow writers and bloggers. At last I am blogging!! Instead of saving all my thoughts and rantings for my book on bereavement  ‘Dancing in my Dreams’ and my assignments and exams for various counselling courses -I am sharing. Writing is of course therapeutic but as I have quoted in my Spiritual Healing Exam I see my writing and sharing of experiences as distant healing.


Surviving bereavement is an on-going journey and not an overnight success -don’t let anybody tell you ‘you should be over it by now’ . We keep our loved ones alive in our hearts and it’s always been best to cry and best to talk about the deceased the body is like a balloon and that suppressed grief and stress has to go somewhere.

As part of my own self development I have read some truly amazing works this year and currently reading  ‘It’s not raining daddy it’s happy‘ by Benjamin Brooks-Dutton and anybody either studying counselling or recently bereaved should read this beautiful and honest book. It is an account of a young widower’s journey through bereavement and a father’s love and ability to channel his own grief into helping others.

I can also recommend ‘Proof of Heaven’ by Dr Eben Alexander which will certainly get the old grey matter working. Written by a man of science who personally experiences a near death experience turning his own prior beliefs in a different direction.

Please don’t tell me you don’t have time to read or write it’s as vital as breathing and eating chocolate.

Be healthy, be happy live one day at a time and really make it count.





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