Setting a challenge

My good friend and brilliant journalist Deborah Durbin and I have this long standing joke…if on a day to day basis we a) wake up…still breathing and b) get down the stairs without falling down them …then everything else that happens that day is a bonus.

While the above is of course funny but true, setting oneself goals or challenges is always a good thing. Last year mine was to complete four courses/qualifications all holistic/counselling. I amazed myself and those around that I did actually do it, pass my exams and with distinctions but I had to withdraw somewhat from normal/social life. I was surprised how quickly and interestingly so the year passed.

Last night I re-watched the film ‘Julia and Julie’ wherein an enthusiastic home cook set herself a challenge to cook 525 recipes in 365 days and write a blog on the experience. This in turn gave me my subject for today’s blog -setting a challenge.

In life we often need to change our routine it may be for health reasons i.e. to exercise more and eat less, the former often encourages taking part in a sponsored swim,walk or run. This personal challenge in turn raises funds for a good cause and we may find ourselves setting another challenge to raise a certain amount.

So, hopefully today’s blog has got somebody out there; learning something new, starting a diet and running a marathon and it’s not even nine o’clock.


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