Try something new

I know so many friends and colleagues that lead such manic lives; work, families, friends and community they get lost in it all.

A lot of depression starts from people feeling undervalued and under pressure; feelings of not coping can often be helped by distraction. Nothing better than learning something new that may not only take you out of your comfort zone but dig you out of a self-imposed rut. It’s not being selfish to do something for yourself -but a lot of people especially women somehow convince themselves it is!

As a long overdue break away from the screen and to lose a few pounds from sitting at it…I decided to join a jive swing dance class. I am loving it and cannot recommend it enough; being with like-minded people of all ages just having fun…and doing something that is just for them is contagious! I am still struggling with co-ordination but who cares??

Please visit;

Amazing after three hours of dancing I don’t even feel tired and it is a well proven fact that looking after one’s well-being and taking exercise gives one energy. The more energy one has the more able we are to cope with whatever life throws at us -it is a positive circle.

Do something for yourself today..and everyday.


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