A Mother’s love

My above named latest publication is now with my Agent/Publisher Owen Burnham and was written out of love and respect for my own mother. No other role in life is more rewarding and/or demanding than that of being a mother.  A little taster…..

They say there is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children and for the really lucky ones among us aside of that bond may come a lifetime of the best mentoring one can receive and, of course, a beautiful friendship.

The advice given selflessly by a mother is based on her own wisdom, life’s experiences and driven by pure love and a desire to help you reach your potential safely and feeling secure in that love.

This project has been in the making for many a year and predominantly so since my own Mother died in 2001. I hope that I never took her love for granted but maybe it’s a case of only when they are no longer accessible on a daily basis we then truly begin to appreciate just how wonderful they were.

I know when my own mother died I felt I had loss my sense of purpose and extend my genuine empathy to those of you who may have lost your mother and subsequently feeling the same.   Annie Manning ©’


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s love

  1. This is so lovely. As a Mum and Daughter myself this really resonates and I feel very fortunate to be able to tell my Mum that I love her and to let her know what an impact she has had on my life. If you’re reading this and haven’t done that please do as it is a lovely thing to share and also saves some wondering when they’ve gone. After my Grandad died it haunted me for years as to whether he knew how much I loved and valued him.

  2. A lovely heart warming piece ! As a new Mum myself to a beautiful little boy, I hope that I can pass on my experiences to him and that he feels loved and supported throughout his life.
    I can’t wait to read this book once it’s published !

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