Brilliant minds -Dr Bob Lomas

I am at my happiest when I have just read something amazing or discovered somebody who is.

I recall many years back a client, and one that helped me become disciplined in business writing used to say how sexy the mind of an intelligent woman was. So true but this is equally so of a man with a brilliant mind.

There are some writers that not only write inspirational works but go on to inspire generations of scientific minds and this must be said of Dr Roberts Lomas BSc PhD (Salford) MIEE.  Now he is intellectually sexy! Knowledge is indeed power and for many an aphrodisiac but this particular writer known for his wonderful books on masonic theories also helped inspire the DaVinci Code!

Wow and Cool just two words two younger relatives with enquiring minds have used to describe him this week. Come on kids we can do better than that surely?


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