Noel Fitzpatrick -The Humanimal Trust

Have just visited the London Pet Show with my daughter (aiming to be a Veterinary Nurse) and attended Noel Fiztpatrick’s inspirational talk. What an amazing man with such a passion and presence, who makes real eye contact with his audience.

I was trying to watch him and at the same time scribble copious notes; he told personal stories amusingly but all encouraging to follow your dreams, reminding people to ask themselves ‘Is my reason big enough?’

How his Father had encouraged him to look at how sheep will get through the smallest of gaps..and how the smallest gap is full of possibilities.

His teacher had advised him; it is not for you to just understand the reason why, but finding a reason big enough to do what you want to do in life.

He spoke about the reason for caring and working with animals as being unconditional love.

He was also there to talk about his charity ‘The Humanimal Trust‘ …Animal and human healthcare moving forward together.

Their mission includes;

Create awareness of the benefits of practical implementation of One Medicine principles.

I have to confess already a great fan of the man and his work by the end of his talk I was feeling his passion and felt choked. We couldn’t wait to get to his stand for that photo shoot and make a donation. Please visit their website 


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