Exam Stress

From taking STATS to GCSE’s and A Levels, stress is something that our children have to learn to deal with as best they can. As parents the best we can do is be there for them and encourage rather than push. Try to keep their environment one of calm and tranquility…‘in a house full of teens?’ I hear my parent readers scream!!

Be flexible maybe on meal times around their study timetable and balance the all important treats with healthy food. Taking regular breaks and some form of exercise is vital to increase alertness. My daughter is doing the race for life, so running several times a week and already feeling the benefits.

My personal ‘nag’ is; ‘are you having enough sleep and drinking enough water?‘ -People really underestimate the value of keeping the body hydrated at all times…and for teenagers it helps flush out those toxins and keeps the spots at bay!  We want to look our best for Prom night!

So mums keep calm, teenagers keep calm and focused on that long term goal and above all remain positive…you can do this.


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