Taking your foot off the accelerator

Had several conversations with good friends and business colleagues this week wherein we all agreed, trying to keep everyone happy and remain professional and calm some days is hard.

I am surrounded by people like myself who are a giver but neglecting your own needs can be damaging. What surprises me is just how hard so many of us are on ourselves. Listen to your body and listen to what you are saying to those close…you know when you are doing too much and need a break..so take it.

We often forget just how in control of it all we really are, by just making a few sensible adjustments to our schedules/way we work and of course saying the ‘no word’ we can soon get back on track and feel better and be more productive.

So my tip for today is to regular take stock, re-focus and remind yourself exactly what it is you enjoy doing, need to do for you and adjust the balance accordingly.

Life is good, but not if you feel you are drowning in the chaos that let’s face it is more often than not self-created.

……and breathe!


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