Utilising counselling skills in everyday business

Learning counselling techniques and life coaching skills can be invaluable in any business. Becoming more people focused and understanding of others is a vital part of communication which I have always maintained as key to success.

We are never too old to learn new skills or enhance those we have. Having made the effort to update my own CV last year with various counselling qualifications I can honestly say it was time very well spent.  Working through the course work and taking the exams were, for me, just confirmation that I have always been right in my approach both in business and life.

People are important, apply understanding and tenacity in finding the right solution -it is there if you take time to look.

An ex-client and very wise man David Roberts, once said ‘It’s nice to be important but far more important to be nice’. He also agreed with me  that what was deemed by many  as ‘an old fashioned and honest approach to business’ was worth its weight in gold and vital in analysis of business intelligence – listen to your customers.

People, have and always will ‘buy from people’.


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