Exam nightmare

Like many mums I am trying to be on-hand pre-exams. Working home based makes this easier. I am glued to laptop and daughter is in her room studying hard for the first exam. We catch up for eats and screen/study breaks.

Last night I dreamed I was presented with a science exam to sit -panic set in having given up the science options at school decades ago. The ‘faceless’ exam adjudicator then saved me and said ‘no this one’s for your daughter -she knows it all’ – A huge sigh of relief.

Telling my daughter on wakening greatly amused her -she then had fun asking me difficult questions from a past exam paper! Said daughter also helped me last year with the biology elements of my Spiritual Healing Course.

Those that bother to analyse dreams will confirm that my parent anxiety slipped into my subconscious. I am certain the ‘adjudicator’ was my Mum sending positive messages that her hard work will pay off and she will do well.

We can take our children to the dentist…but they have to have the drill themselves…or, indeed sit an exam.

Good luck to all mums and students out there these coming weeks.


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