Good of the match

When you know you know… In life our journey will lead us along many paths where we will meet interesting people with great karma. The age of the person has absolutely nothing to do with the gut feeling we may have about them.

There are those that we meet with what I describe as ‘old souls’ and they have a quiet confidence about them and they are measured in what they say and do.

The youth are so often are criticized  by their attitude and lack of respect for their elders but I know one young man that proves this isn’t the case every time. He is focused, determined and brilliant at what he does without the slightest sign of arrogance so often found in young men in their developing years.

I know the mother of said ‘old soul’ reads my blog sometimes… if you are today then be proud he is an amazing young man with not only great karma but a great future ahead whatever choices he makes. I am so pleased he has come into our lives a breath of fresh air.

As parents we just want our children to be happy and be the best they can be for themselves which brings us satisfaction and of course great joy.

Parenting the hardest job, no instructions but plenty of rewards. Like a game of Rugby; we watch from the side, see them hurt, get up and get on with the game of life and share in their victories.

Best job ever!


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