Listening Friends…adopted sisters

If we are really lucky we will have a few good friends along the way that genuinely care about us and will listen when we are sad and join in our joy when we are happy.

At a recent event the speaker was saying how shocked he was when asking a former audience just how few were actually able to say they had friends that would help them if they were in trouble, visit them if they were in hospital and really listen to their problems.

There is no secret to friendship it just has to be a two-way thing. The message is to be that friend that you want to have. The rewards are returned beyond infinity.

I count my blessings that I am fortunate to have some wonderful friends that I can trust and share with. I will listen to them and they will listen to me..but moreover we genuinely care.

What more do we need in life? Forget the lottery we are millionaires of life!

Today’s blog is dedicated to a very special lady…you know who you are!


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