Remaining positive and living life to the full

I refrained from writing my blog at the weekend as I, like many, tried to digest and make sense of Friday’s terrible attack on Paris. Sadly, of course there is no sense in what has happened.

I am reminded of how my mother (who was brought up being very aware of prejudices) encouraged her children to look for the good in people. Not judge others by their religion, nationality or anything else which we may inadvertently feel makes them different to us.  Live and let live.

As my blog has always been to inspire mindfulness and being positive I believe that remains a priority. We must continue to carry on living our lives and following our dreams. I said as much to my own daughter yesterday.

We mustn’t allow any actions taken by a small minority to prevent us from going about our life or feel fearful. Remember to tell those we love that we love them..and often.

All our prayers and thoughts are with those who have been touched by what has happened and the difficult road of bereavement which lays ahead.


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