Celebrating a loved one’s life -everglow

During another fabulous lunch with my study buddy the subject of bereavement came up. I said how I always encourage people to celebrate their loved one’s life to help the grieving process and help with the planning of a funeral.

i.e. making memory boards, I found this worked so well for so many at my own mother’s funeral. I found fabulous photos when she was younger and healthier. This gave friends and family a focal point to talk around positively and remember her as she was rather than how she looked towards the end as she lost her battle with cancer.

On Jonathon Ross this weekend Chris Martin of Cold Play discussed various tracks and inspirations of titles and songs from their new album including ‘everglow’ which he described how one feels aside of the sadness about some body that has died and I think that was a really beautiful concept.

Also love the title of Cold Play’s new album ‘Head full of dreams’ which describes many of my close friends and that is what keeps us happy and fulfilled.




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