Respecting our Police

Had a very interesting discussion last night with a good friend and retired Police Officer. We shared how times had changed and how sadly the excellent work that our Police do goes un-congratulated..we only get to hear about the mistakes they make.

Whilst I would never make light of any genuine case against an officer, however, I remember as a child we respected the Police.  I guess for me my positive relationship has been enhanced by having family and friends in the Police force and having had the privilege to work alongside community officers.

Recently I engaged with a brilliant young officer connected with The Child Abuse Investigation Unit  and was really impressed how he handled a very delicate situation. I made the effort to say thank you to his unit and wondered how many people take the time to do likewise? Not many I bet!

On a day to day basis our officers never know what they will be met with. Maybe we take them for granted  and need to remind younger generations that they are there for our protection and deserve our respect at least.

That’s today’s rant over with…



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