Winding down 2015

Friends and family often buy me beautiful writing journals. October I received a fab new one and immediately wrote a list of achievements and dreams to work towards for the last quarter of 2015.

Having just re-read ‘the list’, I had a giggle at some.  Emotive reflection on others i.e. ‘have fun in mum’s memory and be more grateful’

However, I have done pretty well and some on the creative work and self-development list have even been reached earlier..some of those that I haven’t worked on are still relevant so will form the new list for 2016… the diet for instance!

As we all wind down for the end of year it doesn’t have to be a case of feeling negative about what we didn’t manage to do as there is often a bigger reason for this which will become clearer.

Far better to be grateful for still having our health and loved ones around us and reflecting positively on what we have achieved and what we have perhaps learned from our mistakes.

For the start of the new year..whilst it’s good to set ourselves targets these must have a realistic time frame set to avoid feeling we have failed.

Remember life gets in the way of life and learning how to prioritize and cherish the days as they fall will enable a far better state of positiveness and fulfillment.

So the advice is to live, love and laugh often and be mindful.


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