Truly, madly what a loss

I was sitting in the Accident and Emergency department with a friend when the news flashed across the TV screen that Alan Rickman had died and I am shamefully  behind with my blog.

A superb actor, who I remember fondly from ‘Truly, Madly Deeply’ a brilliant film where he played the ghost returning to help his partner cope with her bereavement. The beautiful scene of him playing ‘The sun ain’t gonna shine any more’ singing with Juliet Stevenson and I guess the words from that song ring true now he has died.

He went on to play such a convincing baddie in ‘Robin Hood Prince of thieves’ and my daughter’s generation of course know him as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter films. There have been such heartfelt and respectful comments from his fellow actors of his generous spirit and encouragement for younger stars.

You hear so often how top actors have such huge egos but we get the feeling he was a real gentleman, kind and not the baddie he portrayed in his roles.

How sad that we have now lost two great guys age 69 this week and both from cancer. I like to think the overwhelming love of their fans helps the families in some way with their grief…as long as their privacy is respected.


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