Hello Dolly…looking swell, keep laughing

Fellow spiritual folk, had an amazing dream last night in which I saw my beloved mum (Dolly).  I was watching a huge musical extravaganza where the singers were singing ‘hello dolly’. I was singing along and remembering my lovely mum singing along to Frankie Vaughan singing that song on the radio.

Suddenly I was looking through a window…she was on the other side and we were looking at each other and smiling as the singers sang loudly ‘you’re looking swell dolly…’ and I thought yeah mum looks really well.

I woke myself up shouting, singing and trying to wave at her and speak to her. Wide awake I felt really good and happy, bathing in the warmth of her love…gone but not forgotten.

I read this morning that tomorrow is ‘Global belly laugh day’ which made me chuckle my funny mum could make me really belly laugh and not just one day a year! She often said how a good laugh is as good as a tonic…and of course laughter is one of the best medicines.

This week for one good reason or another I have been feeling ‘thoughtful and reflecting’ and know it’s best to try and keep a sense of humour and perspective whenever possible.

Get laughing!


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