Talking and listening

There has been a great deal of coverage in the media of late about stress and how this affects us. I am glad to see that support charities like MIND for people who are struggling are now getting air space, recognition and awareness they deserve.

Life can be difficult, and even those we love can disappoint us at times. Somehow people forget that strong folk are also sensitive too and can get hurt and feel low. It has no reflection on our capabilities or intelligence it may simply be we have had enough and need a bit of support ourselves to get back on track. Additionally, the busy formidable coping ones within our circles will of course find it harder to ask for help, whereas others are asking and indeed taking all the time.

If we are people that are uncomfortable with confrontation we sometimes allow people to overstep the mark, and that stress we hold onto is not good for us emotionally.  At times it is better to clear the air and remind others to take responsibility for their actions too to achieve all round harmony.  Life is far too short and precious to argue or to be intimidated by the poor behaviour of others.

Freud was right about the talking cure though, it is good to talk and as my beautiful mentor and mother used to say, ‘people are important not material possessions’. Also, ‘If you are sensitive you live and experience life more, but you may get hurt along the way.’

I know a few very important and special people to me read my blog and I thank you for being my beautiful friends. January has been a challenge month for so many of my friends…so I remind you all that I am only ever a phone call away…

Aside of which it may be ‘your turn’ in our friendship… which I value greatly and has seen me through the highs and lows that life has dealt the past decade or so!

Remember: Friends are the family we choose ourselves eh girls? Have a great weekend.



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