Helping the bereaved at school

Bereavement to some extent, or should I say death itself, still remains for some a taboo subject. This attitude really doesn’t help anybody who is going through the many difficult stages of bereavement.

My plea for today and indeed every day is not to ignore that somebody has lost a loved one but acknowledge it. There are of course no words but just to let them know that you are thinking of them rather than avoiding them will mean a great deal. My mother told me how people would cross the road to avoid speaking to her after my father died suddenly…unhelpful if not hurtful to say the least.

Bereavement can be especially difficult for teenagers when life is already challenging and stressful enough.

Innovate My School’s website is a brilliant source of information for those within education and I am privileged to write for them.

Please read my piece on bereavement with advice on helping pupils through their grief.


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