Mother’s Day

As we are in the lead up to another Mother’s Day I am mindful that so many of us are now without our Mothers.

Whilst I do confess to making a fuss of my mother on this marketing led event, every day was Mother’s Day to me. One of the many lessons in life our amazing mother taught us was  ‘To be good to people when they are here…it’s too late when they are gone!’

I feel saddened when so many people  seem to have such problems in communicating with their mothers and rightly or wrongly they will find me reminding them how life is so very short.

I know that I am a ‘mum bore’ to my friends though many have benefited from her recycled advice and one dear friend insisted I write a book on her teachings. Last year I took time out to donate my attention to my own writing projects and I hope ‘A Mother’s Love‘ (a real work of love) will soon be published. An extract follows from my introduction:-

‘They say there is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children and for the really lucky ones among us aside of that bond may come a lifetime of the best mentoring one can receive and, of course, a beautiful friendship.

The advice given selflessly by a mother is based on her own wisdom, life’s experiences and driven by pure love and a desire to help you reach your potential safely and feeling secure in that love.’

I rest my case.


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