I know a lot of my spiritual friends feel our life is mapped out for us and what we see as sheer coincidence is in fact fate.

As George Michael famously sang ‘Turn a different corner’ or as a romantic cad boyfriend used to say  ‘It’s kismet’. Whatever puts us on a road or makes that chance meeting happen we have to make the best of it at that time.

I know my mother when trying to make sense of my father’s early sudden death would balance it out by saying how many narrow escapes he had during his time served as a desert rat…and how he was to come home, marry and have five children before dying just aged 44.

I  always maintain that anything we undertake in life and/or whoever we meet we do so for some good reason and hopefully learn and make use of those experiences.

As a beloved musician friend used to sing ‘when I think of all the good times that I wasted having good times!’

Last night I re-watched the film ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ confirming what is meant to be will be, even when we struggle against it or others try to prevent it from happening.

In life we have choices and sometimes we make the wrong ones for the right reason!



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