SOMETIMES MUM…to me you haven’t gone

Following poem was written by me some time after mum had died.  I suspect it will resonate with many readers who have lost their mum.

It was included within ‘Beyond the Double Rainbow’ a fundraising book for her hospice.


Sometimes Mum,

 I forget you have gone,

And I reach for the phone.

Then, the reality hits me again,

I’m emotional and alone with my pain.

Yet, I was calling to share something good,

Something stupid –you always understood

My need,

And, my eternal greed

for your love and approval.

You never ran out of either,

Sometimes Mum,

in my dreams we still chat,

But I cannot ring you back.

Then I awaken,

I realise I do not know your new number.

You see.

Sometimes Mum,

To me you haven’t gone.

Annie Manning





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