Seeing things clearly

The downside of sunshine if there is such a thing is one realises that the windows need cleaning. My patio door is frequently in need of a clean being the exit route for my beloved moggies. I am certain I am not the only one who hops in and out trying to work out which side the mark on the window really is!!

I guess the same can be said about life; we think we have everything clear in our mind and where we are going and then something else catches our eye and distracts our attention.

I was reminded recently that distractions can be good but nice as they are we all have to revert to those awaiting chores…like cleaning the windows and tidying up our life.

One of my closest friends and I regularly discuss the value of being taken off course and maybe giving an opportunity to re-think our plan, or, are we just honing it having gathered more knowledge which gives us clarity.

I never see anything as a waste of my time but I am certainly far more selective of where I spend it the older I get. The irony being I seem to have crammed so much in the past few years and I still have so much more that I want to achieve.

My blog has been running a year; whilst very few people have the courage to leave a comment many more tell me they enjoy the posts. It is always really nice when somebody does. I write it mainly to help others make sense of bereavement (my main topic) and hopefully inspire a few writers too.

Off to have lunch with my beautiful sister our own family ‘Lulu’ every youthful and lovely.



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