Preparing for life and death

Sometimes in life we have to face challenges we would rather not have to…often these challenges test our strength of character. But how on earth do we or can we prepare?

I was reflecting earlier this week how when my Stepfather died my Mother gave me the task of visiting neighbors and ringing family members to break the news. It suddenly dawned on me what she was doing…preparing me for the eventuality of having to deal with her passing. She knew it would be quite likely that I would be quite active in breaking the news and helping organise her funeral.

This week many young people  I know personally are faced with the very sad task of attending a beautiful young friend’s funeral. Of course nobody can make any sense of losing anybody their own age especially unexpectedly and I am reminded how I felt attending a cousin’s funeral a similar age. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life if I am honest.

So how do we help one another get through this? My best advice as always at any funeral is to try to celebrate the loved one’s life and respectfully so.

My other piece of advice to those concerned is to remember to look out for and keep in contact with the bereaved family after the funeral. So often people spend time offering support leading up the event then make a decision to leave the family in peace. This is of course respectful but try to remember it is after the funeral that maybe they need our support most and continually so for sometime after.

There is no time limit on grief and the more close and intense the relationship the harder it is to accept their passing. Remember death does not end a relationship and that person is kept alive in our hearts and in our minds.

The tallest poppies are always picked first…sadly.


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