Protecting the young

It never fails to amaze me how some organisations think it’s a god given right to take advantage of somebody’s youth or inexperience. When our children go off to University they have to find their own feet and suddenly are met by not only having to make huge decisions but are coping with new home, new area, forming new relationships aside of the pressure of their educational choices.

We have to let them find their own way, stand on their own feet, maybe learn to cook and fend for themselves. I suspect many parents are concerned as their children leave 6th form and plan to start university come September.

They will manage far better than you can imagine and you will cope with the empty nest but only if you don’t overthink things and lie awake fretting over stuff. They do survive and learn by their mistakes whether these be cooking disasters or putting the wrong setting on the washing machine.

However, what we have to still do as parents, and from a distance, is ensure that they are not taken advantage of as there are people who will! With age comes experience and I have learned that when you get a phone call requesting help they really do need it, if you have taught them right their instincts will kick in and they know when they still need you.

Make the most of this summer holiday with your children and indeed any return home trip from university, love them and spoil them whilst you can.


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