Prejudice and assumptions

My Mother was raised with the true realisation of just what harm prejudice of class and religion can do. As such she raised us not to be prejudice or make assumptions about what or who people are and I try to be the same.

A regular phrase we heard as children was ‘there are good and bad in all.’  and ‘A child doesn’t ask to be born a particular, nationality, colour or religion.‘ Both somewhat simple if not obvious statements but well worth bearing in mind. In applying these simple ‘rules’ none of us would be prejudice or make assumptions that more often than not are wildly inaccurate.

Often in life people think they know you and what your beliefs are when in fact they don’t, whilst not being afraid to write personal articles I am actually a private person and try to respect the privacy of others too.

I just wish more people would just live and let live and leave others to live their life in the peace and harmony they deserve. Whatever ‘your god’ or your faith may be at the end of the day we are all ‘some god’s children’ just because ‘your book’ contains suggested rights and wrongs written centuries ago it doesn’t mean it is relevant in today’s modern society.

I thought we had made progress and evolved  -whichever way we chose to live our life should be just that ‘our choice’!

Just love don’t judge.


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