Supporting our teenagers

Being a teenager is a very stressful time and this week I have had the privilege of meeting with and working alongside individuals and charities who support the education sector in one way or another with intervention.

Intervention within schools as well as continual professional development of teachers has consistently grown in necessity. The reasons and causes are many and this week personally I have been examining and researching both for a project.

Revision of exams, taking exams and then finally waiting for the results provide months of stress and anxiety for students and parents alike. As I often mention on my blog remember a second choice may well turn out to be a better one for your child.

Yes, we want our children to achieve well in their exams and hopefully get the university of choice and the career of their dreams but we must be ready to support if these do not become a reality.

There are many outward signs that as parents we may be able to see, but there are also those children who hide their feelings from those close to them…so we need to ask.

Communication in life as in business has always been the key to success.


Please read my latest piece on Innovate My School’s website:



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