Technical fears

I suspect like a lot of people I hardly scratch the surface of the packages lurking on my laptop. Without any formal training I do the best I can with now and then asking a male colleague with more IT knowledge. I confess I hate asking for help but realistically we can’t all be experts in everything.

I remember my mother’s words where technology and indeed men were concerned:-

‘Don’t be beaten by man nor machine.’

Sound advice, sometimes I confess it can be a generation thing, whereas our teenage children just explore without fear, but in my own defense the fear is losing perhaps stored valuable material. But today that fear has been replaced by discovering new aspects of my word package previously unknown to me sadly.

The past couple of days I have spent downloading material and visuals from my website in fear of the host company losing it all for me. Not amusing when ambiguous emails are received, requests to help desk go unanswered and phone lines constantly busy.

Things I have learnt from this exercise:

a) make sure you save info you may have uploaded directed to website somewhere else.

b) get to know the packages you bought more         and

c) stop for coffee and choccy biscuits girl…you deserve it!


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