Please value our nurses

I have always felt our brilliant nurses are greatly under-valued. I know enhanced recovery is now the route hospitals push for patients, and, it is said that the ratio of recovery is only 20% surgeon and 80% down to the patient’s own attitude to sensible rehab.

However, either side of any operation stand our fantastic nurses who work long shifts day in day out and focus on the well-being both emotionally and physically of the patients in their care.

Sadly, despite how much most patients appreciate the great nursing they receive daily nurses are faced with internal politics that too often prevent them from doing the job they are trained for and, at times, upsetting the patients within that care.

The last week I have experienced first-hand some of the ridiculous situations that both nurses and  patients have to endure by decision makers who do not know the full picture or in any way witness the stress and anxiety their decisions make to those on the front line and patients themselves.

There isn’t a one size fits all when dealing with operation recovery and forcing dedicated nurses to deliver inappropriate recommendations is just complete madness. I will be ensuring my observations will be reported as I know only too well when people get home from hospital they get on with their lives, and rightly so try to forget any negative experience. This may be the best policy for them, but alas it certainly isn’t for the long term success of our beloved NHS.

The only way we can effect change is to register complaints and support the staff that are not in a position to do so. It is also helpful to write and congratulate and give credit where it is due, as far too often misplaced blame/complaints made can damage a nurse’s career, so personal appreciation may just adjust the balance.

For obvious reasons I am not revealing specifics but suffice to say I thank the nurses that go that extra mile and give comfort and excellent nursing when it’s needed and put the idiots further up the chain of authority to shame.





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