Broken Forest

At the weekend I attended a Gig locally(ST Albans)  and had the opportunity to listen to Luise (Broken Forest).  I was very impressed with this young artist who treated the audience to a great acoustic set.

If I have any criticism it was too short…but that was because she was accompanying another band also known to me.

Seriously, this female singer/musician has a truly silken voice and as I complimented her… it was like a clear Celtic vocal. I understand her roots are in Germany but as we agreed, if we are honest, we are all a mixture of various nationalities and she was not offended by the Celtic comparison!

Wherever this vocalist gets that voice from it is  well-worth going to see her live.

Her website is

By the way Luise I love your visuals on your promotional material and the lyrics were very poetic. Enjoyed the Peter Pan inspired track.



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