Male suicide

Regular followers will know I often write and include the delicate subject of suicide in my bereavement blogs.

Sadly many people are uncomfortable talking about this subject which can in turn affect how supportive they are to families coping with the tragic loss of a family member.

Many of the mental health charities and organisations are encouraging people to talk about their problems and in particularly young men where suicide is one of the highest killers.

Often a young man will take heed from his own Father’s reluctance to share and talk about his emotions, but all family units should address this and soon.

Encourage your male family members to talk there is no shame in talking about our feelings and you may just save a worried teen from spiraling into depression and thoughts of a suicidal nature.

Having said this I will remind any bereaved family members facing the attempted suicide or loss in this way that feelings of misplaced blame is not uncommon and please seek support to help you through this difficult time.


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