Keeping healthy

We all know that we take our health for granted and push our bodies sometimes to the limit. If, however, you have had and survived serious illness your attitude towards the value of good health and one’s spiritual wellbeing changes…and for the better.

Modern day people never take recovery seriously and often rush back to work too soon, sometimes this is not just about the financial burdens we all face but that we are on the run from the emotional element of being ill and feeling vulnerable.

Today I have had an interesting chat with a family member and we exchanged honestly how we have both felt after coming through serious illness and agreed that people do need to feel grateful and take life a little easier.

Getting in touch with one’s spiritual self is really beneficial and often this can be enhanced by reading the great works of others who have completed a spiritual journey.

Relaxing with a book not only keeps us writers from starving…you are never alone when you are reading but you may find an inner peace depending what you read and escaping from our own life with a book for an hour or two is a mini-holiday.

Balancing our life with relaxation and exercise will keep both mind and body healthy.

I always joke when I have been studying that I am doing my mental exercise. Great!


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