The Chuckle Brothers

I have been away from my blog busy helping clients and on my own continual learning journey. Not like me to not feel inspired to blog – I have been inspired don’t worry but a week has flow away and my blog neglected.

However, yesterday with the sad news  that Barry one of the Chuckle brothers had died I felt the value of his service should not go unacknowledged. Now there is a man that gave great entertainment and thousands, no millions of hours of laughter to children and adults alike.

I don’t really consider myself a slapstick humour kinda gal but many years ago I went to see one of the Chuckle Brothers shows. It was brilliant and years later my friend and I and our children (now grown up) still talk about it. Audience participation took on a whole new meaning, and, yes, we were seated in a row close to the stage and received custard pies and a darn good squirting from their water pistols. What remained with me was how much fun the whole cast was having and the poor straight actors had a real job saying their lines.

In life people touch our lives in ways that they may never know…though I am certain Barry knew how much generations loved his work and enjoyed every minute of the ridiculous situations he and his brother used to get in to.

To you..



2 thoughts on “The Chuckle Brothers

  1. I loved watching them on TV as a kid and I can imagine just how much fun it would have been watching them live.

  2. Hi, The trick is I believe for us all to try to keep the child within us alive. Yes they were amazing live -thanks for contimuing to follow my blog.

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