Remaining calm and a Mother’s Love

I often write about remaining calm and using one’s intellect rather reacting with our emotions and yesterday I applied this mantra to myself.  Anybody who has attended a First Aid Course will know that if we do not panic but have a course of action we will be able to be of far more use and apply successful first aid treatment.

Somehow I managed to shut my thumb in the car door…the pain was unbelievable and I experienced what we mean when we say ‘my legs just buckled‘. Thankfully, I could hear my Mother’s voice saying, no shouting, ‘concentrate open the car door’ which I did and regained my composure and prevented a more serious injury. I had to drive to pick up my daughter from the station with a throbbing thumb and once home wrapped it in ice. It throbbed for the remainder of the day and I was thankful for the reminder not to panic from my guarding angel.

This is not the first time my amazing mother and mentor has come to my rescue and as we approach her anniversary and the prospect of celebrating a milestone birthday I continue to realise she hasn’t left me completely and she never will.

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