NTA Awards -animal awareness

All forms of media is full of last night’s NTA awards and it is always great to see those who do their job so well getting recognised. Interestingly two of the awards go to two of our national treasures who work and help promote the plight of animals and our planet. Sir David Attenborough who continues to amaze and enthral us all and of course the lovable Paul O’Grady doing such fab work for re-homing animals.

We need those prepared to speak up for animals and who are not afraid to talk about the bad side of human nature as well as the kindness we can all apply to make things better.

A new blog follower has asked where do I get my info from to write my blog? It’s observing life, experiencing life over six decades, self-development through studies and finding time to find out what makes people tick.

People are important material things are not..sometimes we lose sight of that fact. Slow down and talk to one another.


Special people

In life people enter our life and we may not know the reason why at the time.  They may appear for just a while or they may remain a constant in our life. However, these people help shape our lives, give it purpose perhaps but the special ones certainly make a difference.

As I have discussed frequently the past few weeks it is not the length of the friendship but the depth, the kindness the person may extend and how they encourage you to broaden your own horizons.

Over the years of freelancing I have worked with some amazing people with creativity and talent that I hope in some small way always rubs off on me. Some clients we are glad when the assignment ends whilst others will end up being friends outside of the work we do with them.

This week I am remembering a very special lady who it was a real privilege to spend time with and I will cherish every experience for a long time to come. As a result of the opportunity I have been able to, expand my own knowledge, help other families and gain a valuable insight into the challenge of living with dementia.

In life whatever we are doing we should endeavour to make it count, make us reflect who we are and how we can improve the lives of those we also touch.

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers and my great followers be inspired, be positive and keep healthy.

Communication let’s talk

I have lost count the times I write about communication being the key to success in any personal or business relationship, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that some people find it harder to communicate than others. This is where patience, caring and understanding step in and we can all do our bit even in our own community and within families.

A recent blog I ranted about how people in wheelchairs or disabilities are often ignored (a discussion I had earlier this week with a new friend**) additionally we agreed this can happen when people are recently bereaved as we search for the right words to offer in sympathy -there are no words but don’t avoid people either. Don’t under estimate the power of a simple hand of the arm and just saying ‘i’m thinking of you.’  **Hi Julia if you are following.

Equally, many will find it awkward to speak to somebody with dementia but there is help available. As ever I am steering my followers to the Alzheimer’s Society’s website: within their wide selection of free literature you will find easy tips to follow to enhance your relationship with, and the life of, the person living with dementia.

Being elderly can become very isolating and lonely so pop in and see that neighbour… a quick bit of engagement will make their day.

Cherishing the elderly

I was once told that I was born old…had an old soul! Maybe this is why I have always had a great affinity with those in their Autumn years especially those who keep spring in their hearts.

Over the years and during my working career holding various positions I have witnessed some truly amazing things, but, also seen and heard things that make me my blood boil.

I am appalled when people are dissmissive of our aged friends and family members who have so much to offer from their personal wisdom and even perhaps their local and social history knowledge.  Additionally, those who deem fit of ignoring people in wheelchairs…only yesterday whilst out shopping I met an amazing lady of advancing years who had great character and looked stunning and her wheelchair was only a barrier for those with a closed mind. The encounter was brief but memorable.

My professional working projects with the elderly have brought me great joy and borne friendships that I will never forget. It has been a real privilege during one-to-one session work to get to know individuals and their personal stories.

As I was only saying yesterday to one of my own mentors nothing in life that we do is a waste and we go on learning. Exercising patience, love, kindness and understanding can enrich the lives of others and of course our own!

New year…support Alzheimer’s Society

How many of us make promises at the beginning of the new year to start that diet, join that yoga or dance class or de-clutter our homes only to find before mid-January we are still talking about it?? One thing we can all easily do though is to add supporting a charity to our list and do something worthwhile.

I know last year mine was to have a real de-clutter…I bought lots of plastic boxes and archive files and did make a start..then found anything and everything was more fun than carrying on. Maybe this year I will complete the task especially as, yes, you have guessed it…I have more clutter and far more paperwork and leaflets from the various charities I like to work with and support.

Again I intend to ressurrect my neglected writing projects and although I did manage to start back on my courses I found my own projects were set aside as I set myself on a mission to understand more about dementia and how it affects patients and their families. I have been privileged to work with families and it is apparrent that without charities such as Alzheimer’s being able to supply such great information and support families that those diagnosed are pretty much left to it.

Yes we need more funding from the government but also more dedicated from GP’s and more awareness genrally. Personally, I believe we need love, kindness and understanding and over Christmas my tree representing this theme (in support of Alzheimer’s Society) took pride of place in the lady chapel at St Saviours Church. My sincere thanks to the church and staff for all their great organising of the event and, of course, my lovely niece Sarah from Visual Merchandising for dressing the tree in corporate but festive attire.


xmas tree

Animal love -therapeutic

I saw on GMB TV this morning a great community idea of joining elderly who may be lonely with a scheme of looking after chickens. Often people under-estimate the value and joy of working and caring with animals. Having kept chickens, raised from a few days old, I know the more you inter-act the calmer and more friendly they become and are all such characters. Not forgetting the amazing fresh egss!

My chickens Dolly and Daisy are now running around in that great coup in the sky pictured below at a hen party.


hen night! 15-06-08_1722 - Copy


Xmas Tree Festival

St Saviour’s Tree Festival is in full swing. I visited Sunday to see all the amazing trees decorated and sponsored by local charities and organisations.

This year there are two lovely memory trees where one can add a message in memory of a loved one lost. As we know it is a times like Christmas when we may be missing and remembering somebody we have lost this year. As I often post bereavement is not an overnight process and for those mourning the pressure to feel happy and festive can be overwhelming. For those who may have nursed a loved one with cancer the bereavement journey can be a complicated one with delayed grief mixed with feelings of relief that a loved one is no longer suffering.