New year…support Alzheimer’s Society

How many of us make promises at the beginning of the new year to start that diet, join that yoga or dance class or de-clutter our homes only to find before mid-January we are still talking about it?? One thing we can all easily do though is to add supporting a charity to our list and do something worthwhile.

I know last year mine was to have a real de-clutter…I bought lots of plastic boxes and archive files and did make a start..then found anything and everything was more fun than carrying on. Maybe this year I will complete the task especially as, yes, you have guessed it…I have more clutter and far more paperwork and leaflets from the various charities I like to work with and support.

Again I intend to ressurrect my neglected writing projects and although I did manage to start back on my courses I found my own projects were set aside as I set myself on a mission to understand more about dementia and how it affects patients and their families. I have been privileged to work with families and it is apparrent that without charities such as Alzheimer’s being able to supply such great information and support families that those diagnosed are pretty much left to it.

Yes we need more funding from the government but also more dedicated from GP’s and more awareness genrally. Personally, I believe we need love, kindness and understanding and over Christmas my tree representing this theme (in support of Alzheimer’s Society) took pride of place in the lady chapel at St Saviours Church. My sincere thanks to the church and staff for all their great organising of the event and, of course, my lovely niece Sarah from Visual Merchandising for dressing the tree in corporate but festive attire.


xmas tree


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