Study Buddy

Another fabulous lunch session with my study buddy.

So important to meet with like-minded people who are committed to adult learning and enthusiastic about what they do and take an active interest in your development too.

Said it before but it can be ‘lonely on the studying shelf’ and being inspired by others and encouraged by one’s tutors helps the journey run smoother.

Also you can save a fortune on books required for reflective reading and furthering your self-development.

Lesson three completed on NLP and working on number four!!

Mondays can be positive and productive. Sage accounts next!



Loving my NLP course and knew all my reflective reading for courses taken last year would continue to be worthwhile.

Thoroughly recommend Stephen Grosz’s book ‘The Examined Life’ to anybody studying counselling or looking to improve their own self development.

Here is one particularly quote I liked when he was describing how we are when feeling negative or depressed.

‘Being in the grip of negativity, we lose our appetite for human connection.’

A fact we must all bear in mind when friends and family are at a low ebb and it is often down to us to make more of an effort to include and encourage.